With own property you could easily raise funds

The needs would never end in life. Those things that are once thought as luxury have now changed to necessities that are to be fulfilled. Also, the type of things that would be perceived as necessary would depend on what sort of life style people would be interested in. The life style where one could go to gym in the morning, have a warm bath and then commute with ease to office would all depict that one is interested in a stress free life. This does not mandate that this sort of thinking is of the people who are filthy rich. Definitely not. Even the common man who is getting some decent salary could dream this life style.

Yes, when you plan to the house as part of the one pearl bank new launch there are chances that you pay partial amount in the beginning. Since this beginning or otherwise called as down payment would be less you could manage it with the funds you have accumulated for some future plans or for the purpose of buying the house. Once the first phase of payment is done, you could then apply for the loan and also change the job if your salary does not support you to take loan amount sufficient enough for buying this lovely house.

The moment you apply loan and mention the property name the bank would definitely treat you as a privileged customer as the property is worth taking the loan by you and worth lending the loan by the bankers. Though you may not initially want a loan to buy the house, once you buy it, it would help raise funds for any of the other purposes that you have come up with in future like the elder’s health concerns or the kids’ education and so on.