Shamus Sayed's Priorities



Bring Back Integrity and Accountability

Running a local business is similar to serving as an elected official – both must be based on trust. Duncan Hunter has challenged the trust we have in him, and we need to trust our elected officials to protect our rights and work for the betterment of the community. I pledge to bring integrity and accountability back to the 50th District by clearly explaining how every legislative action made by Congress affects the residents of our District, and how my vote reflects a commitment to fairness and prosperity.


Create Good Jobs and Grow Our Economy

As the business leader in the race, I will work to create high quality jobs and restore economic growth. We must fight policies that discourage business growth and ultimately prevent entrepreneurs from having the resources to hire hard-working individuals.


End Job Killing Regulations and Fight for Small Businesses

In Congress, I’ll fight to slash regulations and end policies concocted out of DC and Sacramento that hold back small business growth, paving a path to success for owners and workers. Running a family-owned business that provides interpretation services to underserved limited English-speaking groups for over ten years means that I know what it means to struggle to grow a company and meet a payroll. I am running for California’s 50th Congressional District because I understand how legislation affects our businesses, from a first-hand perspective.


Put Public Safety First

The number one responsibility of government is to keep its citizens safe. As a member of the SDPD Captain’s Advisory Board and alumni of the FBI Citizens Academy, I have had the privilege to learn how law enforcement works to keep communities safe. I will apply this insight to speak up for communities and individuals who are in particular need of the support and protection of the law. In Congress, I’ll opt to be a part of defense and foreign relation committees that evaluate how our policies can best support a robust national security.


Better Education for our Children

Every child deserves a bedrock education to reach their God-given potential. We need to prioritize funding for our public schools and enact programs that support our teachers and families who are so integral to our children’s success. As a father of two young children, I see every day how important it is to put into place the educational building blocks on which future success is built.


End the Partisan Gridlock

Americans don’t approve of the job Congress is doing, and are especially disappointed with partisan bickering. I’m willing to work with all Representatives and to compromise in order to pass beneficial legislation for the constituency of the 50th District. I want to represent all members of our community, and pledge to listen to the concerns of our citizens in order to best represent the people’s will.


Affordable Health Care

We owe every American guaranteed access to quality, affordable healthcare from which they cannot be turned away. It’s non-negotiable. I will work towards meaningful systemic reform that gives patients control of their own health choices, and does not turn people away or burden them with excessive costs. We cannot leave anyone out when it comes to the health and well-being of our communities. Everyone deserves to thrive.



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