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Shamus Sayed wants to bring a pro-business perspective to Congress


When you are running against a high-profile Congressman whose family has held the seat for half a century, but who is being pummeled on all sides by accusations of being ethically “challenged,” sometimes what you don’t say is as important as what you do.


Obviously GOP candidate Shamus Sayed wouldn’t be running against 50th District Rep. Duncan Hunter if he thought the congressman was doing a great job; but at the same time he is generally sticking to the time-honored Republican “Eleventh Commandant” of not speaking ill of a fellow Republican. Instead, he speaks well of himself. And he has a lot to work with.


Miller News Service: Mr. Sayed Wants To Go To Washington To Represent The People!


As the 2018 midterm elections heat up, with Primary election day, June 5 in California, many citizens across the country are questioning their elected officials on both sides on whether they support their district’s best interest or the two-party establishment in Washington DC. One of those candidates who seems to be sincerely interested in representing the people is Shamus Sayed, who is running in the California 50th District, against incumbent Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. and three other candidates, one other Republican and two Democrats. Sayed sat down with the Miller News Service to discuss the upcoming primary race and what he has to offer to the people of the 50th District.



KPBS: Shamus Sayed Says 50th District Needs An ‘Outsider’


KPBS Midday Edition is interviewing candidates running to represent San Diego County residents in an effort to give voters the information they need to decide who to vote for in the June primary election. Republican Shamus Sayed is running to represent the 50th District in the House of Representatives.



San Diego Union Tribune: 50th Congressional District candidate Shamus Sayed on the issues


The 50th Congressional District encompasses much of East County as well as the North County communities of Fallbrook, San Marcos, Valley Center and Escondido.


Six candidates are challenging incumbent Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, who is facing an investigation into his campaign finances. The San Diego Union-Tribune asked six of the candidates to respond to several questions.



Shamus for Congress Campaign Releases First Ad Entitled "The Vaporizer" Featuring Duncan Hunter


The Ad Highlights The Downfall Of Duncan Who Is On The Brink Of Political Ruin.

SAN DIEGO – May 3 – Republican Candidate for Congress in California’s 50th Congressional District, Shamus Sayed, released a powerful video ad entitled, “The Vaporizer”, highlighting Duncan Hunter’s political downfall starting with his criminal investigation for illegally using campaign funds to take trips to Disneyland, fly pet bunnies across the country, buy video games, and steak dinners





SBA Small Business Award Winner 2 Years In A Row


Shamus Sayed Will Slash Regulations And Allow Businesses To Flourish

Shamus' family business, Interpreters Unlimited, Inc., is the recipient of the SBA San Diego District Director’s Award for Growth Through Acquisition in this year’s Small Business Week Awards! more





Shamus Offers to Cover Half of Hunter's Shutdown Salary


February 8, 2018

San Diego – February 8 – Republican Candidate for Congress in California’s 50th Congressional District, Shamus Sayed, announced that he would be offering to cover half of Rep. Hunter’s wage earned during the recent government shutdown. Members of Congress, including Hunter, continue to receive their full salary and benefits during a government shutdown, while members of our military and other hard-working Americans go unpaid for their more




Shamus Sayed is the Republican Frontrunner for CA-50 Outraising Hunter Nearly 4:1

Nearly 100% of Hunter’s Money Came From Special Interests Outside The District While Sayed Accepted No Special Interest Dollars.


February 2, 2018

San Diego – February 2 – Republican Candidate for Congress in California’s 50th Congressional District, Shamus Sayed, leads with fundraising dominance outraising his opponent Rep. Hunter nearly 4:1 according to the latest finance reports. The out-of-touch incumbent only mustered $50,703 in total contributions from lobbyists, special interest groups and contributions (all but one) from outside the more


San Diego Business Leader Shamus Sayed Announces Candidacy for Congress in California's 50th District

Shamus pledges to bring back integrity, accountability and end job killing regulations.


September 18, 2017

SAN DIEGO, CA — September 18th — Today, small business owner and advocate Shamus Sayed launched his campaign for the Republican nomination in California’s 50th District against the embattled incumbent, Duncan Hunter. The business leader in the race, Shamus, will work to attract good paying jobs by slashing job-killing regulations that continue to be concocted out of DC and Sacramento. He knows what it means to grow a company having run a family-owned business that provides interpretation services to underserved limited English-speaking groups for over ten more








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