A modern condo meant for a modern couple

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The first thing that a couple looks for is a shelter together. A shelter that brings them back to an abode of peace after a long day of work. A shelter that lets them enjoy their choices and preferences and interests. Such a shelter can be found in a Vaughan condos listings.

Why is the Vaughan condo best choice of all?

The Vaughan condos come with the best of the facilities, infrastructure and amenities in an unbelievable price range beginning with just $400. If that’s not a good enough reason, what could be?

The Vaughan condos are a well equipped with all modern day facilities from the gymnasium to the swimming pool, billiards room to the yoga studio. It has a garden terrace, a lobby with free wifi, a rooftop lounge and a serenity lounge for some personal space. It also has a  Bocce court and spacious green stretches and well-maintained parks and broad walkways that give you plentiful choice for things to be done in your leisure along with some fresh air to breathe in and greenery to relax your eyes.

For the couples who are expecting to be parents soon, there are four reputed elementary as well as secondary schools located right in a walking distance from the condos. The York University is just a 7 minutes ride by the nearest Vaughan Metropolitan Centre subway.

Subway reminds how wonderfully connected the condos in the Vaughan condo listing is to the rest of the city. The VMC subway that is the nearest subway to the condo is only in a stone throw distance. And so is the TTC bus station. Also, if you don’t like taking public transport and like traveling in your own car, the condo is very well in touch with highways 400 and 401.

Here is a  glimpse at the Vaughan condo listing that might come handy in search of your home:

  1. Hwy 7/Jane, Vaughan, Ontario
  2. 7900 Bathurst St, Vaughan, Ontario L4J7Y3
  3. Transit City 4, Vaughan, Ontario L4K 5Z7
  4. 4700 HIGHWAY 7 RD316, Vaughan, Ontario L4L0B4
  5. 2910 HIGHWAY 7 RD W301, Vaughan, Ontario L4K0H8
  6. 85 North Park Rd, Vaughan, Ontario
  7. Jane Street and Highway 7, Vaughan, Ontario
  8. 20 North Park Rd, Vaughan, Ontario
  9. 1 Cordoba Rd, Vaughan, Ontario L4J 8S3
  10. 50 Disera Dr, Vaughan, Ontario

The Vaughan condos prove to be a great life and time saver for those who dislike noise and pollution of the city and long travels to work, equally. So be a smart couple, make a smart choice. Buy your condo today.