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Shamus Sayed is a firm believer that nothing is more important than supporting our San Diego community by putting people and families first. With ten years managing one of the largest privately held companies in San Diego*, Shamus knows that the best solutions come from a team working together, and that he leads best with collaboration. His family business focuses on providing interpretation services to underserved limited English-speaking groups, and has expanded, supporting the larger goal of bringing different communities together. As the son of immigrants, Shamus has experienced the blessings of success as well as the difficulty of overcoming barriers. He champions these life lessons in the core values he embodies in his family and his business: When we put others first and treat everyone with respect, it helps all of us prosper.


Mr. Sayed gives back to the community through his involvement with the FBI Citizens Academy, which invites prominent members of diverse business, ethnic, and religious groups to learn about and train with the FBI in order to foster understanding and a positive relationship between law enforcement and community populations. After attending this program, Shamus served as President of the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association and led various philanthropic projects, such as fundraising for Monarch School, which educates students impacted by homelessness. In addition, he coordinated efforts to publicize National Missing Children’s Day and the National Child Identification Program. In addition, Shamus sits on the Captain’s Advisory Board of the San Diego Police Department for both the Northwest and Northeast Divisions. By devoting time and resources to support education, provide hope to disadvantaged kids, and help law enforcement integrate and communicate effectively with diverse communities, Sayed has demonstrated how we can all prosper when we put our community first.


Shamus also spends time building and managing his family business, Interpreters Unlimited, which has been recognized for its success and ethical practices by groups including the Small Business Administration and Ernst & Young. Growing a business has taught him how much legislative action can impact the success of business owners; this led to his increased involvement in the civic process, where he has supported platforms of common-sense initiatives and positive messages put forth by candidates of both major parties. Shamus’ own desire to be a public servant is based on these experiences, as he has seen first-hand how fair and effective legislation supports and unifies communities.


Shamus’ dedication to putting others first in order to build greater prosperity is exemplified by his work with Heart4Refugees. The Sayed family has “adopted” families who have fled from war and gained political asylum in the United States. These families are offered support by the Sayed family, who help with big tasks, like finding homes and jobs, as well as unfamiliar yet everyday tasks, such as obtaining a driver’s license and government ID, signing up for an English class, or navigating the grocery store. The Sayeds created a ‘GoFundMe’ fundraising page for Heart4Refugees, which has allowed the non-profit to purchase a car and insurance. This kind of family-to-family connection fosters intercultural understanding, and has blessed the Sayeds with new friends in our community.


Canadian born and a San Diego local since he was 2 years old, Shamus grew up in Poway and received his B.S. in Biology from UC San Diego. He married in 2007, and now has two little boys. Though San Diego is one of the biggest cities in the United States, Shamus likes the hometown feel of its local neighborhoods, and believes the diversity of these communities, from rural to urban to military-proud, is what makes us strong.



*San Diego Business Journal Book of Lists, 2017 Ranking




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