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Shamus for Congress Campaign Releases First Ad Entitled "The Vaporizer" Featuring Duncan Hunter


The Ad Highlights The Downfall Of Duncan Who Is On The Brink Of Political Ruin.

SAN DIEGO – May 3 – Republican Candidate for Congress in California’s 50th Congressional District, Shamus Sayed, released a powerful video ad entitled, “The Vaporizer”, highlighting Duncan Hunter’s political downfall starting with his criminal investigation for illegally using campaign funds to take trips to Disneyland, fly pet bunnies across the country, buy video games, and steak dinners. While our healthcare suffers, our schools and infrastructure crumble, the out-of-touch incumbent lives off support from lobbyists and special interest groups. Shamus Sayed is the leader who will put politics aside to bring integrity and accountability back to the 50th District.


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The ad doubles down on Shamus’s commitment to secure our borders, balance the budget, invest in local infrastructure, take care of our vets, and keep Americans safe.


Shamus said, “As Washington politicians continue to face scandal after scandal, now is the most important time to hold unethical politicians accountable.”


“It's time for new leadership in the 50th District. I promise to always tell the truth and believe that the cure for darkness is more sunlight. That's why in Congress I'll push for ethics reform and pledge term limits. You deserve a Representative who will fight for your interests, not for his own.”








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