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Shamus Sayed is the Republican Frontrunner for CA-50 Outraising Hunter Nearly 4:1

Nearly 100% of Hunter’s Money Came From Special Interests Outside The District While Sayed Accepted No Special Interest Dollars.


February 2, 2018

San Diego – February 2 – Republican Candidate for Congress in California’s 50th Congressional District, Shamus Sayed, leads with fundraising dominance outraising his opponent Rep. Hunter nearly 4:1 according to the latest finance reports. The out-of-touch incumbent only mustered $50,703 in total contributions from lobbyists, special interest groups and contributions (all but one) from outside the district.


Shamus’ total contributions amounted to $185,539, almost four times what Hunter raised due to overwhelming support for his candidacy with donations from individuals only (no special interest or PACs). Shamus represents the interests of the community with transparency and local issues at heart and will fight for those who feel ignored by the Washington Elite.


Sayed said, “I’m proud to establish myself as the Republican leader in the race for California’s 50th District. I have earned the trust that has previously been lost in the district.”


He continued, “San Diego has been called home almost my entire life and now I lead a company that provides income for nearly 500 residents per month. Because of my deep roots in the district, I am fully in tune with the concerns of its residents. Everyday I hear personal stories related to the homelessness crisis, hardship for our military families and how our schools are not delivering for our kids. I’m running for the 50th District because I can no longer stand by as our trust is eroded by Washington elites who are out of touch with the issues our communities face. I am the person who will fight for policies that make our officials accountable to the people of San Diego.”


Sayed’s Chief Strategist, John Thomas said, “Cleary the FBI investigation continues to take a toll on Duncan Hunter’s campaign. As voters search for a conservative alternative Shamus Sayed is the clear frontrunner for the party.”








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